A solution to ride a bike with a phone.

Started by a designer, cyclist, urban dweller, and iPhone user Danielle Baskin, who finds attaching a phone to a bicycle to be occasionally useful, she created a reliable and elegant product that does this, really well. Prior to Trillobox, all the other phone mounts in the market were problematic: They're designed with multi-part clamps that only work on cylindrical handlebars and are annoying to take on and off, as well as carry around. Plus, they don't work on the handlebars of bike-share bikes, which are wide and irregular-shaped. The Trillobox works on all bikes and all phones. It's the only smartphone holder that's compatible with bike share bicycles.

The holder keeps your phone snug and secure and quickly wraps around the handlebar of a Citibike (or any bike) with a bungee cord and clasp.

The holder keeps your phone snug and secure and quickly wraps around the handlebar of a Citibike (or any bike) with a bungee cord and clasp.


Sewn with weather-resistant and durable materials, this phone mount can securely attach your mobile device to a bike quickly and effortlessly. The protective vinyl covering is touch-sensitive, so you can access your phone while its holding case grips the bike. It looks nice too: the materials (leather and high-strength shock cord) are lightweight and flexible, making its transportation and storage easy when not in use. It's affordable, available in a variety of colors, and folds up to fit in your pocket or bag.



In New York (and other cities), there's often cyclists stopping in the middle of the street and bike lane to check their phones. There's a safer solution: To have a phone attached the the bike. 

This was designed as a practical, convenient device that helps cyclists avoid pulling out their phone while in motion or stopping mid-street to look at their phones. This holder case provides a safe option for cyclists who are already using apps with bicycles and bike share bikes: for timing rides, using GPS, and checking dock availability and location. 

Trillobox is not helpful for doing risky things like texting, writing emails, or liking your friends' pictures of cats while riding a bike.

Danielle can respond to your  inquiries  without holding her phone.

Danielle can respond to your inquiries without holding her phone.

Other uses.

Some customers have used this as a wallet, or as a traveling case for things like a notebook, passport, and cash. It also can be useful at rock climbing gym, as it bungees around a harness, so if you don't have a pocket, you could carry your phone (or wallet) around or use climbing apps like Climb Scan. Let us know about the creative ways you'll use your Trillobox.

Stay safe and smart,